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History of Jesus Christ the human god


If ever you want to crown a day,
Read what the Bible has to say.
And if this is a day you should have rejoiced,
Pass that day with Jesus Christ.

When sin comes and tears your mind apart,
Go to Jesus for a fresh new start.
Worship Him and follow His lead,
And watch your dreadful troubles recede.

 Go to Him in faith, believing,
And all your problems will soon be leaving.
All your fears will pass away;
You'll be with Him each eternal day.

 (By Robert Laing)

The title of this book was given by Jesus Himself. He often referred to Himself as a human, the son of man. He also referred to Himself as God's only Son. He was born of a human Mary and fathered by God's Spirit, whom Jesus always referred to as His Father. Most everyone knew that Jesus was born of a virgin and fathered by the Holy Spirit. God spoke and said it so that hundreds could hear, "This is my beloved Son, of whom I am well-pleased."

I have studied all the known gospels of the Gnostics. Those gospels all agree that Jesus is God's Son. Even Mohammed six hundred years later declared that Jesus was born of the Virgin Mary. So the title of this book is a rebuttal to the Gnostics who believe that Jesus was only a human, not born of a virgin even though their gospels refer to Jesus as the Savior and the Son of God. We will get into that more as we study.

With all the books on the life of Jesus, why do we need another? First, the coming to earth of Jesus was the greatest event in the history of humankind, as it will be when He comes again for His bride, the church of believers. No human has ever come close to the power, majesty and awesomeness of God’s only begotten Son. There is no topic as worthy of in-depth study as Jesus. Second, recent events accompanied by an increase of unbelievers have raised many questions for both Christians and non-Christians. Was Jesus only another human, or was He really God come to earth as His own Son? Was He both God and a human? (See Chapter 193.) Did Jesus really marry Mary Magdalene? Did they really have a child? Was Mary Magdalene a direct descendant of David and Solomon? Is Mary Magdalene the feminine God that we should be worshipping? (See Chapters 88 and 183.) What about the eighty or so books about Jesus that the Nicene Council threw out because they did not fit what they wanted the populace to believe? For example, the Gospel of Phillip says that the Holy Spirit has the characteristics of a mother. (See Chapters 88, 169, 171 and 172.) Are the Dead Sea Scrolls a contradiction of the Bible as men with their own objectives wrote it (Chapter 44)? Why did Jesus demean John the Baptist after John was beheaded (Chapters 49 and 63)? As you read both this narrative and the footnotes, it is my hope that you perceive for yourself the true answers to these and many more questions that are interspersed throughout. When you read the accounts in the New Testament in chronological order, you will probably understand how thoroughly inclusive it is, and that there is no need for the books not included by the Nicene Council.

This is a narrative, not a translation or paraphrase, of the life of Christ as its main character beginning with Genesis of the Old Testament and ending with Revelation of the New Testament. It is not fiction, as in some recent novels. Yet it is about the most exciting and astounding event that ever occurred: Did the Creator of the Universe come to visit Earth on many occasions and communicate with His favorite creation, the human race, made in His image and likeness? This narrative takes the life of Christ in chronological order, skipping from one part of the four gospels of to another in the order the events most probably occurred. However, I have tried to follow Jesus' warning in Revelation not to change what is written in the Bible, or to change its meaning. If I have failed, I am in deep trouble. Please note that all the translations of the Bible are slightly different. I believe that the Syriac and Peshita versions of the New Testament written in the Aramaic Galilean language that was used by Jesus and the Jews are more accurate and easier to understand than the Greek and Latin versions that were written later. Jesus and His disciples spoke Aramaic and not Greek or Latin. The Syriac and Peshita were the versions taken by the early escaping Christians to Syria and Persia when they were being persecuted. In an attempt for accuracy, most of this book is based on the Syriac and Peshita volumes, so you may find some considerable differences when you look up the English Bible references given in each chapter. One example is in the Lord's Prayer, "Lead us not into temptation ...” which is really 'Let us not be led into temptation', as God does not tempt, and neither is He tempted, and to accuse God of tempting is on the verge of blasphemy.

Believe me, there are no errors in the original scripture, or in what actually occurred. There are mistranslations in some of the interpretations of the originals. Understanding something that has been translated from one language to another to another to another is very difficult at times, so I have attempted to make this book very easy to understand by going back to the original Aramaic. An example of this is a camel going through the eye of a needle. In Aramaic, camel and rope are the same word, gamla. The ancient Hebrews liked to use idioms - - phrases that had double meanings. Another important example of confusion is in the Old Testament translations of Jeremiah 4:10, where the Aramaic versions say, "Ah LORD God! I have greatly deceived this people.“ The King James Version ends up as, "Ah LORD God! Surely thou hast greatly deceived this people" As you know, God does not deceive anyone, and this also borders on blasphemy.

In Aramaic, the name Jesus, according to Vic Alexander (http://www.v-a.com/bible/) was Eashua Msheekhah, meaning Jesus, the Messiah. This book is written in English, so we will refer to Eoshua or Yeshua usually as Jesus. In the Old Testament book of Zechariah, every chapter is about Eoshua, not Joshua. This makes the original scripture in Aramaic much more important and meaningful than all the English versions combined.

This history is a chronological biography of a part of the Holy Triune God that took on a human form and visited us for a brief moment in time as viewed by someone who has studied nuclear physics, electronics, astronomy, chemistry and biology, and who spent his life in awe of the complex yet harmonious universe that surrounds us, constantly having conversations with God concerning these wonders. In the process I received patents in agricultural chemistry3, electron physics4 and limnology5 and received an award from the Foundation for the Advancement of Chiropractic Research for discovering a high frequency electronic emission from dislocated spines6¸ an award for restoring a river in France7 and an award for teaching environmental technology to India8. I learned what I believe is the true structure of the atom9 that explains gravity10 for the first time, the true nature of light11, why the speed of light has slowed down since the earth was created 6000 years ago12 and the processes that God put in water13 to keep lakes pristine for thousands of years, none of which can be found in any textbook. Because of my belief in Jesus and my business travels to thirty-five countries, I explored the history and religions of each country. You will find these concepts interwoven in this layman's narrative.

You will find within this narrative many interconnections of Biblical verses of which some Christians may be unaware. These verses explain many passages that to countless Christians and non-Christians alike were previously ambiguous or imperceptible. You will find not only explanations in the text, but also in the many footnotes.

If you read each of the Biblical references at the bottom of each chapter, you will see that the four witnesses in the four gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke (the disciple and interpreter for Peter) and John all lived, witnessed and experienced or reported the same events, as did Jesus’ brother James. These gospels were accepted by the Nicene Council to be included in the New Testament because they were all written during the first century AD. The many gospels rejected by the Nicene Council were all written between 120 and 250 AD, several generations after the actual occurrence. The most famous of these later gospels are those of Thomas, Judas, Philip, Peter and Mary Magdalene. 

Matthew, Mark, Luke and John wrote slightly different accounts of the same events and what Jesus said and did. Incorporating each account into one chronological narrative may contribute insight and cohesiveness to these events. I referenced the Bible Scripture for each event narrated. I could have included the Gnostics' Gospel of Thomas, but it would have added very little. The Gospel of Thomas is a compilation of the sayings of Jesus recorded in Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. The only difference is that Thomas the Twin, if he was really the author, was a poor narrator, and the four gospels are much easier to understand. The Bible does not tell who Thomas’ twin was, but the nickname for Thomas was Didymus, which means twin. All the hidden books of the Bible that were not included in the New Testament by the Nicene Council are in agreement with the New Testament, with additional events added. It is men who love to interpret what is written to fit their own views or their own desires that are in disagreement.

As an example, The Gnostics, like Mary Baker Eddy believed what Jesus said, "I am the way, the truth and the life." They leave out the rest of Jesus' statement, "No one comes to the Father except through me." This enables the Gnostics and the Christian Scientists to believe that we are all the same as Jesus. All we have to do is do as He did, and we become like Christ. The Gnostics further degrade Jesus as claiming that Jesus was the twin of Thomas.

I added some of the events following Jesus' death and resurrection as recorded in the Acts and Revelation of the New Testament. The complete story of the life of the Human God reveals that the rapture, an event and a word not mentioned in the Bible, may or may not be a coming event. The end of the age is coming soon, and the end of time may begin a thousand years from now. The events described in I Thessalonians 4:13-18 already occurred exactly as described by Jesus in Matthew 24, beginning with the crucifixion of Jesus and continuing until now. Jesus told those who were listening to Him that they would see it happen in their lifetimes, and they did.

The complete life of Jesus is in agreement with the Gnostics that the kingdom of heaven dwells within us. The difference is that the Holy Spirit dwells in those who accept Jesus as God's only Son who, like the sacrificial lamb at the Passover was put to death to pay for our sins, just as Jesus promised. 

In addition to studying the "hidden books", I traveled the same roads in India that the disciple Thomas traveled. I met the people in India who were Christians because of Thomas and did not know until a few years ago that a Bible existed. There is little difference that I could determine between those Christians and Christians in America. I discovered that when Jesus was on the cross, he asked His disciple John to take care of his mother, and that the Virgin Mary and John probably journeyed to Mount Athos in Greece, which is now a private island with 21 Greek Orthodox monasteries on it. I learned from the original Greek New Testament that when Jesus cursed the fig tree, it was a prophecy of Israel from the time He was crucified until May 14, 1948, which He predicted.

I hope you not only read the book, but that you keep your Bible with you to check the footnotes. This will give you considerable confidence and insight into the purpose of the greatest story ever told, the life of Yeshua Immanuel, meaning God Our Salvation and God Is with Us.

Jesus loves all the Jews, communists, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, atheists and everyone else in the world, and wants them all to live in paradise with Him for all eternity, so be sure to e-mail this explanatory chronological history of Jesus to all your relatives and friends that either are allowed, or are not allowed to learn about Jesus in their countries.

 3. http://www.intelligentdesigntheory.info/micronutrient-trace-elements.html

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